Analysis of ad to determine what makes it convincing

| July 15, 2016

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5.3 Assignment – Visual Argument Analysis Essay




Analyze a visual argument

Write an effective argument using rhetorical techniques



Analyzing arguments made by images is just as important of a skill as analyzing verbal arguments. For this paper, you will choose a print advertisement to analyze and craft an argument based on the effectiveness of the advertisement. The goal is to craft an argumentative essay in which you rate your chosen advertisement according to an operational definition of what an effective advertisement accomplishes for its audience. You will use the work that you have already completed in Week 4 to complete this essay assignment.




Please view the Grading Rubric page at the end of this unit to view the grading criteria for this assignment.

Please view the MLA formatting videos that are available at the end of this weekly module.

Review Chapter 3 of your textbook


Requirements :


The final paper should be 1000-1200 words in length plus a Works Cited page in MLA format. Do not forget to include your in-text citations!

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