Analysis of a perceived bullying situation paper

| May 21, 2015

1. This is not an essay on the topic of reflection. This is a critical reflection on a perceived bullying encounter from your clinical practice that you were directly involved in.
2. The key issue: the critical reflective paper provides you with an opportunity to critically examine a perceived ‘bullying’ interaction that you were directly involved with in your nursing practice. You are required to choose the following theme:
• A challenging communication interaction associated with the angry OR aggressive patient OR family.
3. You will need to ensure that you set this assessment out in correct academic format and include an Introduction and conclusion, which is included in the word count. Use APA 6 Referencing style.
The use of personal pronouns such as – ‘I’ can be used in this submission.
1. Objectively describe the perceived bullying situation to be discussed (250 words).
2. Relating to the selected issue, discuss the interaction in terms of your behavior, the other persons behavior, physical attributes (Body Language, postures associated with the situation) of both parties, the victim’s behavioral characteristics and the type of bullying practice that was used (650 words).
3. Using the literature, define workplace bullying.
4. The final section will include a critical analysis of the situation which is supported by the literature that identifies with the situation. Appropriate literature must be explicit in its application to practice. The following elements must be included in the critical analysis:
• Critically examine how the key issue in the situation can be managed to facilitate a therapeutic engagement. For example, in relation to the situation, what have you identified in the literature that supports your interpretation of the situation?
• The discussion must provide examples of specific communication skills (e.g. assertiveness skills, active listening skills, attending skills ). Relevant models (e.g. Egan’s model) and frameworks (e.g. Heron’s six category) should be analysed and contextually applied. (Relevant models, frameworks, skills examples in the appendix)
• Broader issues associated with the challenging communication need to be explored, for example; cultural beliefs, social norms, gender issues, power issues, professional issues, collaboration with other health care professionals, and decisions about determining priorities.
• You should include an Action Plan – if a similar situation arose again what would you do.

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