Analysis of a 21st Century Artifact

| February 18, 2015

Keeping the media/identity/ideology diagram we’ve been using in class in mind, analyze a 21st century pop culture artifact. Although we haven’t covered every type of media yet, you can analyze any type of text (a TV show, film, comic book, video game, song/album, novel, etc.) that was created originally in the 21st century. You’ll want to do a lot more than simply summarize or provide the history of your chosen text; you’ll want to begin with an analytic claim on how your chosen text reflected and/or created an identity and/or ideology in the 21st century. To produce and argue your analysis, you should apply the theoretical and philosophical concepts we’ve been using to analyze texts in class (i.e. modernism/postmodernism, authenticity, semiotics, New Historicism, etc.) to your text. Support for your analysis should come from a blend of direct textual evidence from your chosen pop culture text (quotes and/or specific details) and two scholarly, peer-reviewed articles from one or two of the Ebsco databases. A works cited page is required, including a citation for your chosen pop culture text.

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