Analysis and Review of QR code ID based systems security

| August 20, 2015

Important: Who is going to work on this project must have knowledge in Agile project management.
– The aim of this report is to delivery a plan for the project : Analysis and Review of Quick Response code ID based systems security. Use your Agile Project Management skills to create your own case study and the structure of your plane. Use an Agile template to structure your plan.
– This project is to review existing QR code and related visualization and new token ID based security systems. The student will be required to describe how QR systems work and
also describe common applications. The project will study vulnerabilities with QR authentication and implement a demonstration of how these systems may be compromised.
Deliver Plan:
1- Case study: Make your own case study ” there is a sample of a case study giving in attachment”. Identify your key stakeholder, Business roles in the case study. Identify the goal of your project with detailing your project requirements.
2- There is a template giving in attachment please follow it. You can modify it if needed to add diagrams or any necessary information.
3- Stakeholders in the project must be identified and roles and responsibilities are clear.
4- Prioritize your requirement 60% must 20% should and 20% could. .
All the attachment document can help you to do a good and simple delivery plan if anything is not clear please message me.

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