Analyse the case “The Consolidated Life Case: Caught between Corporate Cultures” by critically discussing the following organisational behaviour issues as they pertain to the case:

| May 29, 2014

1. Task 1.1 Critically analyse the leadership approach(es) which Rick Belkner, Mike
Wilson and Jack Greely employed in the case.
2. Task 1.2 Critically analyse the power and politics issues evident from the case
3. Task 1.3 Critically analyse the components of the conflict management process evident
from the case.
4. Task 1.4 Critically analyse the organisational culture issues of Consolidated Life

Task 2
Make recommendations: Draw up a table and summarise what improvements are needed in
relation to:
1. leadership (module 6) and associated change management strategies
2. power and politics
3. conflict management
4. organisational culture in Consolidated Life

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What have you learned about yourself this term (with regard to interpersonal and intercultural communication), from the reading, from the discussions, from your writing?

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