Analyse Movie the 13th Warrior

| February 11, 2014

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I want to analyse the movie and Antonio Banderas character,how they choose him as the 13th warrior, attitude, habits and how he was smart and brave. Also how he was so loyal to his friends after chosen him as a warrior. I want to analyse the traditions in the country and how they believes in strange things such as the women who read the future and give them signs about the dragons. In addition why his friends in the beginnings treat him bad and how later on the relation become better with the warriors. How Antonio Banderas was smart to teach them Islam and Arabic small words, and how they teach him how to drink alcohol.
analyse why the enemies of warriors wear bear costumes and live in cave example ( to show they are strong).
In the end i want to analyse also how the warrior won the war and how the big boss killed in the end.
note: Simple , clear words will be highly appreciated
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