Analyse Douglas House by Richard Meie

| March 5, 2014

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Analyse Douglas House by Richard Meier
-detail on the aesthetics of the building.
-Look at symmetry and asymmetry,
-research the setting of the building, does it fit into it’s surroundings?
-Try to find what other architects influenced this architect, where did he get his Inspiration?
-How functional are the spaces?
-Why did he choose the materials he did?
-What makes this building different from others?
-Space and shapes.
-You also want to look at lighting, landscaping
-Provide images of the buildings, to clear the analysis.
-Add floor plans and explain it.
The sources should be mostly books, interview, magazines, documentaries, and only trusted website.
I need an in-text citation for each and every paragraph, with the author name, page number and paragraph number. This is the evidence of the work written in the the research paper.
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