Analog Signal Conditioning

| March 24, 2019

 A Wheatstone bridge can indirectly measure any variable that would change the resistance of a material. Such variables include temperature, force, and pressure. Think about different ways in which a Wheatstone bridge can be used and discuss its operation, applications, and significance in analog signal conditioning

 Bridge circuits are widely used for the measurement of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. The resistive bridge, also known as the Wheatstone bridge is explored in this activity. A basic Wheatstone bridge circuit contains four resistances, a constant voltage input, and a voltage gage. By thoughtfully selecting the target and reference resistances, the Wheatstone bridge circuit can amplify small changes in resistance and/or compensate for changes in temperature. In this activity, we explore the operation, applications, and significance of a Wheatstone bridge in signal conditioning. 

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