An exploration of 3rd year diagnostic radiography students’ confidence regarding Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus( MRSA) and infection control.

| February 12, 2014

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Aim: The aim of this study is to discover how confident final year students are regarding MRSA and infection control. One of the main reasons why I have chosen this particular issue is because at present MRSA is still an on-going problem for organisations world-wide (Makison, 2006) and has become a public health concern in many parts of the world (MacDonald, 2008). It is an area of the curriculum that I have had to work hard in to become confident and the study will aim to discover if this is common throughout the cohort. The study is important because radiography students do come into contact with MRSA patients and their role is to ensure that they minimise the spread of infection and at the same time protect themselves.
The study will be conducted via a self- administered anonymous questionnaire using the quantitative data analysis. The researcher will be using a descriptive statistical approach to analyse the data, as this analysis permits simpler interpretation of the data (Creswell, 2013).
A survey containing closed and open ended questions will be provided to students to gauge their confidence about MRSA and infection control. The questionnaire consists of 10 questions. The researcher will use a Likert scales to obtain the information, as this scale permits the participants to determine their level of confidence.
The target population are third year diagnostic radiography students. The questionnaire will be handed out to students in a classroom. Participants will also be informed that they can withdraw at any stage.
We will start with Critical Review of Literature.
Evaluation of relevant published work that has been done in your researcher area. You should include a brief search strategy. In evaluating literature, you are required to provide justification by critical analysis. You do not need to quote every piece of literature you find, but select those which are most relevant and which give a representative sample of all viewpoints. You should demonstrate that you have evaluated the material you quote, e.g. the techniques employed and the claims made within that literature. References to websites should be limited. Google and Wikipedia should not be used.
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