An Evaluation of Pseudeoephedrine Prescription Only Laws and it's affect on Tennessee

| April 18, 2014

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II. Introduction
A General introduction. In this section, let the reader know in a few
sentences what your project will be addressing. State at the outset
what you are interested in researching. Explain how the topic of your
Professional Project is related to your MPS Program of Study,
including an explanation of how the project makes use of the
knowledge you gained from your MPS courses. The Professional
Project should be the logical culmination of what you have studied in
the MPS program.
B. Clearly state your research problem.
C. Break down your research problem into a series of more specific questions, or, whenever feasible, into hypotheses. Be sure to indicate the process by which you have arrived at the predictions you make so that you can justify your hypotheses; make them intellectually compelling to your reader. Hypotheses, as a rule, flow from a logical process that includes consideration of what previous research has, or has not, demonstrated.
III. Review of Literature
A. Review of the literature. Indicate which studies have already been done on the same or related topics; which questions or hypotheses have been offered; major findings; consistencies and inconsistencies among these findings. Appropriate citations would include recent (within the last five years) peer-reviewed articles published in regionally, nationally, or internationally recognized professional journals; books; monographs; etc. Magazine, newspaper, web-news articles or other types of articles or publications are generally not appropriate for scholarly papers.
B. After reviewing the literature, place your own research within a context of already existing knowledge. Is your research an attempt to retest previous research findings? Investigating some aspect(s) of previous research in greater depth? Exploring areas suggested by previous findings? Studying a problem about which little or nothing is known, but which needs to be investigated for practical or theoretical reasons?
IV. Definitions of Variables
A. Clearly identify all your research variables and state which ones you will be treating as dependent and which as independent variables. If there are intervening variables, which you think are likely to affect your findings, specify these as well. (If your research is exploratory and it is unclear just what the variables are to be, or if it is descriptive research in which there are no dependent and independent variables, make appropriate adjustments in your presentation.)
B. Define your research variables, preferably in operational terms. You can—and should–use definitions found in the literature if they are adequate for your purpose. When you do so, specify your references carefully.
V. Method of Investigation
A. Specify the research sample–who the subjects of your research will be and how you are going to select them. Give your reasons for choosing such a sample.
B. Identify your procedure. Indicate which techniques of data collection you plan to use (observation, interviews, questionnaires, records, personal documents, etc.), and any relevant information about your research design.
C. Discuss how you intend to analyze your data.
VIII. Appendices
Include your research instrument
IX. Citations (References)
Include all sources that you cited in your proposal and list these in a reference page
in APA style. A thorough proposal would include a minimum of 30 sources. The
References should include no more than 5 non peer-reviewed sources and the
majority of references used should be with the past 5 years.
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