An analysis of Consumer and Management Behavior Related to TripAdvisor Reviews: A Case Study with The Hotel and Sofitel Hotels in Brussels, Belgium

| June 19, 2015

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Dear Writer,
I need you to write the last part of the dissertation: Findings and Analysis following this plan:
4.1 Content Analysis
4.2 Nature of reviews
4.3 Analysis of management responses
4.4 Interviews

5. Conclusion and recommendations

I don’t have the data.

About the analysis part, you need to go over the material that you have collected, and analyse it. First, though, you must explain how you chose those 50 reviews for the Sofitel and the Hotel in Brussels
Here are the link of the 2 hotels on TripAdvisor:

Did you only choose bad ones? Did you choose them owing to a specific time period (summer or winter)? Were you random in your choice for each hotel or was there some system that you used? Could you instead use more than 50 each, but pick a time period, for example summer months of June and July, and winter in November and December?

How do the two hotels compare? Use the scales that is mention in the methodology part mentioned to add up both scores.

Be generous in your use of graphs and tables showing how the two compare for each of the different sub-group topics.

When you have shown how they compare for similar topics, then add the information that you got from the interviews to back up your findings.

the Questionnaires are to people writing on TA to analyse consumer behavior.

Content analysis to identify the nature of the online reviews and responses of the management

Interviews with the management to analyse the effectiveness of their responses and the effects (I attached one telephone interview that i did, but as you can see there responses where very brief) you can try to collect data or just put whatever you want.

Is it right? or you are thinking about something else.

Don’t forget to put the Appendices with all the details about the questions, the interviews, the responses, and the comments of trip advisor to show example, its not included in the 14 pages you need to write.


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