Americans with Disabilities Act, Mental Disabilities

| June 19, 2015

Americans with Disabilities Act, Mental Disabilities

Choose a health care related policy as your topic AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND HOW IT RELATES TO MENTAL DISABILITIES. Talk to me about your topic early so I can help you narrow down your subject and give you tips on research.

Follow this outline for your final paper. It should be 17-20 pages long (not counting cover sheet and references) and accurately formatted in APA style (text, page layout, citations, and reference page). See the grading rubric for grading standards.

1. Define and provide an overview of the policy you are analyzing.
1.1. What is it?
1.2. What problem(s) are addressed by the policy?
1.2.1. How is the problem defined?
1.2.2. For whom is it a problem?
2. Historical background
2.1. What policies and programs have been proposed and used in the past to cope with or mitigate the problem?
2.2. How has the specific policy you are analyzing developed over time?
2.2.1. Who has initiated or promoted it?
2.2.2. Who has opposed it?
2.3. What does the history of this policy teach us about effective/ineffective approaches to the problem?
3. Social analysis
3.1. Problem description
3.1.1. How complete and accurate is our understanding of the problem?
3.1.2. What is the basis for our current ways of dealing with the problem? Research? Political pressure?
3.1.3. What populations are affected by the problem and how are they affected? Size, unique characteristics, distribution
3.2. What social values are connected to the problem?
3.3. What value conflicts influence our approach to the problem?
3.4. What are the goals of the policy under analysis?
3.4.1. Manifest (stated) and latent (unstated).
4. Economic analysis
4.1. What are the effects and/or potential effects of the policy on the economy, at federal, state and individual levels?
5. Political analysis
5.1. Who are the major stakeholders for this policy?
5.1.1. What is the power base of the policy’s supporters?
5.1.2. What is the power based of the policy’s opponents?
5.2. How well are the policy’s intended beneficiaries represented in the ongoing development and implementation of the policy?
5.3. How has the policy been legitimized? Is this legitimization still current?
5.4. Has the policy been more the product of rational decision making, incremental change, or another model of policy change? Why?
5.5. What are the political aspects of the implementation of the policy?
6. Policy evaluation
6.1. What are the outcomes of the policy in relation to its stated goals?
6.2. What are the unintended consequences?
6.3. Is it cost effective? What is the ROI/VOI?
7. What’s next?
7.1. What are your recommendations for the future of this policy?



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