American Students Should Be Offered Chinese as a Second Language

| February 9, 2014

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This paper needs to be an argumentative paper. It needs to focus on the idea that American students should be offered more Chinese language courses in high school and college. It should be based on the fact that China is a growing global player, idea that the Spanish language is no longer number one priority, and that billions of people speak the language. It is beneficial for students. You could add about how difficult it is to learn though and how Chinese students all already learn English. It needs to argue that point and back it up. And offer a solution to the issue.
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Over the years, the mobility of human beings from one region to another has increased the need for people to well-versed with the usage of different languages. Knowledge about different languages increases the level of interaction between individuals who do not share a common mother-tongue language. The early entrance of Spaniards into America appreciably pushed up the need for Americans to learn how to communicate in Spanish. Spanish as a language found its way into school syllabuses. The level of early interactions between the Americas and Spain are now largely comparable to the levels of interaction between America and China. It is important that the Americans are also equipped with skills in the usage of Chinese language in order to be in a position to benefit more from Chinese people whom they interact with on a daily basis. Since the mid-20th century, China has emerged to be an important player in the global economy, politics, and educational resources and in military circles. It is economic strength is arguably only second to that of the US…..ORDER NOW
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