American Psychological Association Research Paper

Seven page APA Research Paper Define, provide an example and cite where information was retrieved for the following: Define APA writing style in one to three sentences please state when an APA format is Define the general APA organizational guidelines Define the four major sections of an APA paper Define the contents of the title page and provide a sample title page Define abstract identify what is introduced in this page and provide a sample abstract Define body of the paper and name the elements used to reflect the relative Define a literature review and an experimental report Define APA recommendations to avoid labels and gendered pronouns Define APA recommendations for point of view and voice when writing APA style Define text citation and provide 2 examples Define quotations and provide 2 examples Define references identify the components and name the basic rules. Provide one example of each of the following references – single author – 327 authors – article in journal – book – encyclopedia – dissertation abstract – article from an online periodical with digital object identifier assigned – article from an online periodical with no digital object identifier assigned – electronic book – online encyclopedia and dictionary – interviews email and other personal communication – television broadcast or series episode Define footnotes and discuss use. Provide one example. Define APA guidelines for copyright permission notes *Must follow these format and organizational guidelines: – typed black ink double spaced and one 1″ margins all around – indent paragraphs .5″ from the margin – numbered pages in the upper right hand corner – 12 point Times New Roman font – APA title page – APA abstract -Papers stapled in upper left corner