American Government Class: The Federalist

| February 3, 2014

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General understanding of the topic …. Federalist No. 10 focusing on James Madison point and summery of the short reading. Need to be a full paper no short of the 1 page if you want to use quotations that’s fine. Need to show a expectational understanding with at least 2 points. Please understand this is a master/PHD level of writing. APA format 12 front and I HAVE HAD TERRIBLE DELIVERY ISSUE SO PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE FINAL STEP A MESS. YOU MUST SEND IT AS YOU DO WITH A FILE ATTACHMENT BUT ALSO …….. MUST PROVIDE THE SIMPLE PURE TEXT IN THE EMAIL A COPY AND PASTE JUST IN CASE. CALL ANYTIME 7:30 AT THE LATEST. It’s easy so please do a good job. I’m tired and overwhelm with other studies (7 classes) Thank you for making sure essay is sent IN EMAIL WITH TEXT in the email AS WELL AS FILE. I sincerely thank you for your great effort. Please make me proud, God bless.

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