American Anthropological website on race at

| May 19, 2015

American Anthropological website on race at

Read Chapter 12 in the book and the American Anthropological website on race at – cite both the book and the website within the body of your essay.
Adress the following: The concept of race is a powerful social phenomenon however the concept of race cannot accurately be applied biologically to humans or to describe human variation. Explain why anthropologists do not use the concept of race to describe human biological variation.

IF, you want to use any other sources, in addition to the website and the book, they have to be academic sources and you will need to include the full citation for the source. Do not use information that cannot be backed up in the scientific literature – no anecdotal evidence. Remember, the book and the website has to be used for this paper, the other sources will just be an addition, but it is not required.

You answer need to reflect your knowledge of the course material. Be sure to back up your statements with examples and data from the book, include the page number (s).

The book textbook is: Essentials of Physical Anthropology, 9th edition, by R. Jurmain, L. Kilgore and W. Trevathan. 2013. (ISBN 978-1-111-83718-1)

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