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            Different people’s movements can inspire the creation of art works influenced by those movements. In other instances, arts can act as a catalyst for the initiation and progression of those organized activities. Either way, the key perspective is that people’s movements and creative arts, such as films, music, paintings, sculptures, and so on, are interlinked. If one views this correlation with regard to the people’s movement against apartheid in South Africa, the role of creative art of music as a catalyst factor in social movements becomes especially apparent. Music created by indigenous musicians has always played a facilitating and constructive role during social changes and in the struggle for freedom and rights. This is applicable to the South African black population’s struggle for their freedom, rights, and equality. During the period of apartheid in South Africa, black population faced one of the severest forms of racial segregation and refusal of basic human rights in modern history. Many types of people’s movements arose ranging from non-violent protests of various black groups to the armed campaign by the African National Congress (ANC). Irrespective of the ways the black segment of the South African population fought against the white dominance, music played a prominent role in uniting the people and fueling the movement. This catalytic role of music was featured in the 2002 documentary film titled Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony directed by Lee Hirsch. So, using Amandla, it is possible to discuss apartheid, the role of music in the struggle for rights and freedons, and the ways music acted as the catalyst that made resistance possible in the first place.


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