Although advocacy is highly valued and considered an essential component of nursing practice, the concept is ambiguous and ill described by the profession. What are the essential skills necessary to advocate for individuals at the individual level? At the systems level? How can nursing schools and mentors facilitate the APN’s role as advocate?

| May 19, 2014

Good health is a major resource for economic, social and personal development as well as an important dimension of quality of life. Economic, political, cultural, social, behavioral, environmental and biological factors can either favor health or be harmful to it. In order to make these conditions favorable and promote health, advocacy is required. On the other hand, conflicting and multiple definitions and usages of the word advocacy bring about ambiguity in the field. In nursing profession, advocacy is a prerequisite element. The aim of advocacy in health care in this case is to protect the vulnerable group (mostly patients) while empowering the disadvantaged. In this case, important skills are required by nurses in order to take the expected approach for both individual and systems-level advocacy.

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Describe the principles of Lao Tzu’s social philosophy. How is Taoism relativistic? What implications does value relativism have for action? What is the principle of reversion? How can one avoid the negative effects of reversion?
All work with humans, either as patients or as research subjects, requires strict regulation to ensure that high professional standards are met and no harm results to any individual. Choosing one clinical or research example, outline how professional codes of conduct have to be adhered to ensure effective outcomes for all involved. You should refer to personal conduct, health and safety requirements, any professional body regulations, and legal or ethical guidelines as appropriate to your chosen example.

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