Alignment of leadership, moral purpose and student performance

| October 21, 2015

Alignment of leadership, moral purpose and student performance :
Task : Instructional Leadership and the Use of Data
There is substantial commentary in the literature on instructional leadership and transformational leadership. With reference to articles by Hallinger, and Marks &Printylisted in the Study Schedule of this Subject Outline indicate what you understand by instructional leadership and how the concept has developed. In your analysis comment on how transformational leadership might align with instructional leadership. Commentators have indicated that leadership in schools whether instructional or transformational has a moral purpose. Comment on how this morale purpose aligns with the Melbourne Declaration on the goals of Australian education
systems.The gathering and analysing of student performance data, and other relevant dataplays an important part in pursuing this morale purpose. Making reference to your current workplace, identify the important student performance data that is gathered and analysed, and comment on the leadership and management issues that are important in gathering and evaluating this data to improved learning experiences for students, and improved student outcomes. Align these leadership and management issues to the earlier analysis of instructional and transformational leadership
** CRITERIA: In this assignment it will be essential to:
1. Provide an outline of what you understand by instructional leadership, how the concept has developed and adjusted, and how it might

align with the concept of transformational leadership;
2. Outline the important data gathered in your workplace, how it is analysed and evaluated;
3. Indicate how this evaluation is used to improve student outcomes and quality learning and teaching in the classroom;
4. Comment on the leadership and management issued that have supported the application of this evaluation to student learning and how
they align with the moral purpose of educational leadership and in Australia to the Melbourne Declaration;
5. Relate your commentary to your current workplace and system, and to the literature selected for this subject, in particular but not only to the readings outlined in the task as set;
6. Demonstrate wide reading, reflection and critical thinking; and,
7. Present your paper in a professional manner.
– I will send the reading in a word files
– I will send the lecture as a word files
– I will send task and criteria as a word file

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Introduction to Educational and Social Research
Bastedo, M. N. (2012)( The Organization of Higher Education).


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