Aligning HR strategy with Business Strategy

| January 21, 2015

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Aligning HR strategy with Business Strategy
Organization: West Jet
Please separate it into 4 parts. First part is just a brief intro (1 short paragraph).
The remaining 3 parts should weigh about the same.
1. A brief intro that describes their products and services
2. Analyze West Jet organization’s strategy (organization-level decisions that focus on long-term growth and survival goals; including major decisions)
Which strategies apply?? Refer and apply knowledge from chapter 1 (powerpoint attached).
3 major examples of corporate strategy:
Restructuring (eg. turnaround, diverstiture, liquidation, bankruptcy)
Growth strategies (eg. incremental growth, international growth, mergers and acquisitions)
Stability strategies
3. Discuss the links of organizational strategy with Human Resources strategy
Corporate strategy leads to HR strategy, HR competencies lead to business strategy or a combo of both? Apply knowledge of chapter 2
(powerpoint attached)
Which strategy applies?
Low-Cost provider strategy or Differentiation strategy (and how it impacts employee, HR planning, selection, compensation, training, performance evaluation, labour relations etc.)
4. Discuss effect of external factors on HR strategy (Important: looking for specific factors that impact West Jet) Application of chapter 3 knowledge.
Looking for more specific examples w/in the broad factors:
Environmental factors (economic climate, globalization, political and legislative factors, technological factors)
Demographic factors(labour market, diversity, generational differences)
Social and cultural factors (right to privacy, work-life balance, contingent workers, violence at work)
Stakeholders (board of directors/ senior executive, senior management, supervisors, employees, unions)
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Analyze West Jet organization's strategy
Understand the importance of organisational culture and psychological climate in supporting creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation Apply theoretical perspectives as tools for problem-based analysis of a case study


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