Aligning Goals

| July 20, 2015

Aligning Goals

You’re the Management Expert.

Marcy Long heads a diagnostic laboratory that performs a wide variety of blood tests in a large

city. When physicians give their patients medical orders to have certain blood tests performed,

Long’s lab is one of many in the city patients have the option to use. The laboratory accepts most

major insurance plans in the area and has a close relationship with many of the nearby medical

practices. Some of these practices direct their patients exclusively to Long’s lab. Patients, of

course, can choose to go elsewhere, but often they do not. Although Long is generally satisfied

with the performance of her employees, several physicians recently complained to her that the

staff are inflexible in terms of making exceptions and being responsive to special requests. For

example, if a certain blood test typically takes three days but can be performed in one or two

days if needed, staff members are unwilling to do the test sooner, even when the reasons for

doing so are compelling. As another example, when a patient has multiple tests performed and

some take longer than others, the lab typically waits until all or most of the test results are in

before faxing them over to the physicians. In some cases, physicians and/or patients are anxious

to get the results as they become available, and the lab’s policy is to accommodate these

requests. However, some physicians have told Long they’ve repeatedly had to request partial

results before receiving them. Long has always told her staff members that they the need to be

sensitive to the needs of patients and their doctors and be as responsive as possible while maintaining the highest standards in the field. While her staff excels at the latter, she has come to

realize they are not as responsive as they could be. Although she has emphasized this point

repeatedly in staff meetings, the complaints from physicians and their patients have not

stopped. In one instance, Long had to intervene to satisfy a special request.


Write a 250-500 word analysis advising Marcy Long on ways she can get her staff to be flexible and responsive to the special requests and needs of physicians and their patients.


In The News: Discussion Question Read the daily paper or recent publication of a current events magazine. After reading the weekly chapter assignments, find an article of interest to you that will can be applied to the principles and theories pertaining to The Nature of Work Groups and Teams or Managing Stress and Work Life Linkages.

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