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This module section:
Historic Fires
Report on significant events that affected fire prevention in both positive and
negative ways;
Identify individuals who have had a significant impact in fire prevention; and
Identify publications that are important to fire prevention.
Written Assignment: Master Plan Question 1
Write a short essay on the following topics from Module III. Your essay should be two
to three double-spaced pages in length. Presume that your jurisdiction or community is
considering the development of a master plan, and you have been asked to do some
preliminary work that will influence that decision.
Identify the people (by organization and/or position) that you would include on the
advisory committee and planning team.
List the sources of information you could refer to regarding the jurisdiction’s true fire
problem and describe the type of information each source could provide.
Describe at least three goals of the master planning project and, for one of those,
explain how you think it could be accomplished.
Explain what would be necessary to implement the plan successfully once finally
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Strategic Analysis
Fire Prevention Organization safety


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