Alcoholism: Summary of the case study Derek Donald

| February 18, 2015
Assignment instructions . Using books, government reports, reports from reputable health organisations and peer-reviewed journal
articles, you will need to gather information from a variety of sources. As a minimum, you must use the sources from the year 2003 or
later. You may not use www sites or web pages .While a reliance on www sites may be easier for you, it does not demonstrate your skill
in sourcing information from reputable government reports or academic peer-reviewed sources. Your assignment will need to discuss: • A
summary of the case study (~200 words). • Definition and description of the health condition featured in the case study. • Describe
the current prevalence of the CONDITION in: – Australia, – United States of America, – AND one developing ASIAN country. • Describe
the interprofessional health care team that would usually treat this condition in the Australian health care system. • Describe the
TWO treatment methods, including the health professionals who administer these treatments. You need to take into consideration the
following assignment components as these will be awarded marks: your assignment structure; information sourcing and usage;
paraphrasing and citation; referencing; presentation; and English language usage. It is important to use a formal and objective
writing style. Refer to the Assignment Presentations Guidelines section in the Workbook for information on writing style and how to
format the essay. You are also required to include one small table, figure or graph within the body of your assignment that must also
have its source correctly cited and referred to in the body of your assignment. DO NOT include large graphs or tables as appendices.
The paper is to be a maximum of 1500 words. The Essay must have a Title page with a declaration and a Contents page. The word count is
NOT to include the Title page and Contents page, Reference page or any tables or graphs. Marks will be taken off if your work is
significantly above or below this word limit.

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