Alcohol Rehabilitation

Spend this week searching academic databases (EBSCO or ProQuest) for 4-5 sources for your Research Proposal.  Be sure the journal articles, books, websites are “Primary Resources” that deal specifically with your narrowed-down topic. If you need help, go to/ or call the campus library and the librarians will help you.
Actual Assignment: 
Part 1: Use the “graphic organizer” provided to help you keep track of your research and decide if a source is appropriate for your topic. Also, use it to take preliminary notes for your project. Here’s the Link:  Resource Search.docxPreview the documentView in a new window
Part 2: Reading Abstracts and Note-taking:

Using academic research databases, continue searching for scholarly resources which can be used in your research project. After reading the abstracts associated with each journal article/book summary, narrow down and select 4-5 publications/journal articles that you think contribute best to your research topic and begin taking notes on each source. Be careful NOT to “Cut and Paste” directly out of your sources. This will cause you to “plagiarize” unintentionally down the road! Instead, take notes by creating a document for note-taking on each source and type your notes. Decide how they fit into your basic research design and what they contribute. (For example: great statistics for your project, a different point of view or finding, former research projects that support your proposal of study or maybe even a film or documentary).
These research notes should be typed and added onto the graphic organizer you just completed.

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