Air pollution caused by vehicle emissions

| October 30, 2014

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Continuing to work with the critical situation from Projects 1 and 2, for the final assignment, students will write a proposal in which they will persuade their intended audience that a particular action needs to be taken. Throughout this project, students will map the multiple stakeholders and their perspectives in order to show awareness of the conversations currently taking place around the issue to include rebuttals and or problems in connection with the proposal. From this informed, critical position, students will explore a key problem inherent to the issue and offer a proposal for that problem. To be clear, students will integrate the position(s) of stakeholders that were explored in Project 1, and build a proposed solution that keeps key stakeholders in mind and their point of stasis.
The audience for this proposal will be the organization, community group, or individual that has the authority to act on the proposal
Base Requirements:
• 8-10 double-spaced pages (not including title, abstract, or Reference page)
• 12 point Times New Roman font with one inch margins
• APA format (abstract, title and Reference page)
• Two academic secondary sources
• Two sources from Project 1 that help define the issue and point of stasis among key stakeholders (one source representing each stakeholder group)
• At least one primary source set (surveys or interviews)
Assignment Goals and Grading Criteria:
• Develop and support an argument that is convincing to a particular audience
• Provide a clear argument determining the usefulness of the proposal, and why the issue underlying the proposal needs to be addressed
• Analyze and synthesize multiple points of view through the exploration of the complexity of an issue that seeks to understand multiple perspectives and points of stasis, and incorporates these into the support of a proposal
• Be aware of and utilize a variety of argumentative components / strategies appropriate for particular proposal and audience
• Provide a well-developed discussion of the elements needed to be brought together (money, time, etc.) to put the proposal into action
• Provide effective integration and support for the argument using sources and proper APA documentation
• Write and revise drafts and integrate feedback from peers and the instructor
• Use structure, language, and format appropriate for audience and purpose
• Meets assignment prompt to include base requirement guidelines
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