Agriculture in England

| October 26, 2015

I need a paper composed of the materials available on the Internet, but I also Need all the documents that have been used as a source for the paper. There has to be a reference to a source throughout the whole paper. This means NO OWN WORK, NO OWN OPINIONS, just a pure collection of the materials and creating a coherent paper out of that plus all the materials delivered together with the papers.
Strucure (approx.):
1. Whether conditions
2. Soil conditions
3. Main crops cultivated in the Country
4. Statistics on the plant production within last 10 years.
5. Main outlets for the agricultural commodities (i.e. main processors of the commodities)
6. Farm strucutre
7. Economic comparison of the main crops and sugar beet (GROSS MARGIN CALCULATION) – VERY IMPORTANT.
8. a part dedicated to sugar beet (which regions, soil/whether conditions, statistics, pest/diseases)

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Infectious Prion Diseases in Animals
Medicated Feed for Cattle /Antibiotics in Feed for Cattle


Category: Agricultural Studies

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