Agnolia Middle School Case Study, Data Analysis, and Goal Setting

| September 23, 2015

Post an explanation, based on your analysis of the data from Magnolia Middle School, of the area most in need of improvement. Create a convincing argument for why this is the highest priority for the teachers, students, and community at Magnolia Middle School. Then share one or more SMART goals for Magnolia, related to this priority area. Finally, describe two or more insights you gained about data analysis and goal setting as you viewed this week’s video demonstrations of professional learning communities in action.
Magnolia Middle School Case Study, Data Analysis, and Goal Setting
Last week you began to consider priority improvement areas for student achievement at Magnolia Middle School based on multiple data sources. This week you will use the results of your data analysis to focus your professional development design for Magnolia. Complete the following to share with your Walden colleagues in this Discussion:
Establish a priority area on which you will focus—a specific area where improvement in student skills, competencies, or performance is needed.
Develop one or more SMART goals related to this priority area. To guide your development of SMART goals, review examples from this week’s Learning Resources including those provided from Stults Road Elementary School.
Bring to mind or review this week’s video programs of the professional learning communities at Stults Road Elementary (“Reading Vertical Meeting,” “Third-Grade Team Meeting,” and “Classroom Observation and Reflection”). What did you learn about data analysis and goal setting by watching these demonstrations of professional learning and collaboration?

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