Aggregate production plan

| March 25, 2014

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Please read the attached file and Paper requirements, thanks
It is a group-based learning activity to apply what you learn in class to actual business. Assume that your group leads an operations function in a manufacturing company and shareholders want you to provide them with a business plan which will guide your company to enter a certain market with the product(s) that you select. The plan (project report) should include the following issues with strong relevance and feasibility.
1. OM Strategies: vision, mission, objectives, strategies
2. Product design and development (what to produce) and forecasting
3. Capacity and location decisions
4. Process selection and layout
5. Aggregate production plan
My job is only doing “5. Aggregate production plan!”
I will attach my class slides about Aggregate production, and my group members’ parts, please follow the same ideas. You could use a table to represent your ideas, more details are in class slides such as Production rate, Workforce size, Inventory on hold, Backorder and Subcontract. You should create your own numbers.
No references required, only use my class slides and my group members’ writing.
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