After the Data Collection

| July 31, 2016

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Answer all the questions below: (After the data are collected, it is time to analyze the results!)

  • Discuss one (1) of the four basic rules for understanding results in a research study as described below.

There are four basic rules to looking at data in the results section of a study.

RULE #1 Understand the purpose of the study.

RULE #2 Identify the variables – dependent and independent.

RULE #3 Identify how the variables are measured.

RULE #4 Look at the measures of central tendency and the measures of variability for the study variables.

  • Compare clinical significance and statistical significance.

o Which one is more meaningful when considering applying evidence to your practice (WRITER, I WORK IN A CORRECTIONAL JAIL SETTING AS A CORRECTIONAL NURSE)?

  • Compare descriptive statistics and inferential statistics in research.

o Please give an example of each type that could be collected in a study that would be done on your nursing clinical issue you identified in previous weeks

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