Advocacy Assignment

| February 26, 2014

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Download the Student Outreach Kit from the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care:
Choose one of the issues regarding child care listed below and use the template to explain (in detail) what you could do inform others about this issue.
What are the problems in child care in Ontario?
1. Licensed child care in Ontario is not universal. In fact 4 out of 5 children in Ontario do not have access to a licensed child care space.
2. Due to inadequate government funding, child care relies on parent fees, which are becoming increasingly expensive. In Ontario, full-fee paying families can pay upwards of $40-$60 a day per child, up to $10 000-$15 000 a year. For many families this is at the upper limit of what they can afford.
3. As a result of high fees, many families cannot afford child care. The province offers subsidy funding to families who aren’t able to afford full fees, but there simply aren’t enough – at present, there are over 22,000 eligible children on the waiting list for subsidy in Toronto alone.
4. There is a shortage of qualified early childhood educators. Providing high quality care requires maintaining good ratios of staff to children. Despite high parent fees, many child care staff are underpaid. As a result of low wages, 40% of trained early childhood educators are working in other fields. Funding to support wages and benefits is essential to maintaining a high quality early learning and child care program. Fair pay and benefits (like pensions) will ensure that RECE’s are able to make enough money to support their own families and encourage RECE’s who have left the field to come back to the job that they love and were trained to do.
(from OCBCC website)
Strategic Action Plan for Advocacy
Name of Student:Statement of the problem/issue:
Who needs to know about the issue (parents, general public, early childhood educators?) and why is it important?
How could you motivate others to help support this issue? Give specific examples and details
Who, specifically, do you contact about this issue? (which politicians, experts etc.) How would you contact them?
What forms of media/networking would you use and how? Give specific examples & details
What specific resources are available with information/research on this issue? Provide names of organizations/websites/titles of research papers etc.
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