Advertising’s New Campaign

| September 28, 2015

Advertising’s New Campaign

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Assignment Five: Advertising’s New Campaign (100 points)

1.In what way is the current generation of moms different than previous generations? (25 points; two five sentences paragraphs)
2.With a small group of peers in your class, discuss the appeal of blogs in today’s digital communication arena? (25 points; two five sentences paragraphs)
3.Elaborate on the following statement from the article: “From a branding perspective, nothing is more powerful than having your target audience participating in a conversation, where or not it’s about a specific product.” (25 points; two five sentences paragraphs)
4.What is the impact of interpersonal and word-of-mouth communication on persuasion? (25 points; two five sentences paragraphs)

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Neoliberal economic policy and strategies - challenge or opportunity for the Australian public health care system?”
: Is campaign finance reform needed to bring about political equality in Australia?

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