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| February 20, 2014

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Advertising to the Other:
A proper understanding of advertising will enable you to understand ads which are targeted at groups that you are not a member of. This is an individual project designed to make you think about how advertising works on other people.
Find an ad campaign aimed at seniors for a product of special interest to seniors. Collect at least 2 ads from the campaign: more than 2 ads is preferable.
Write a report on this campaign which includes the following:
1. identity of product and brand being advertised
2. target audience of the ad
3. objective(s) of the ads in terms of what the company wants the target audience to think, feel, know, believe, etc.
4. advertising technique(s) used in the ad (use the Danesi book and lectures to get ideas)
5. message and implied message(s) of the ad
6. how the ad targets seniors; how does the ad make seniors want the product? Does the ad work in ways that would not work on you?
7. comments on why you think these ads interesting, whether you think they will work, and whether there are any social or ethical problems with the ad campaign.
After you have analysed the ad campaign, write a conclusion (an additional page) on what you have learned on advertising to other groups.
Book used for this course:
“Danesi, M. (2008). Why it sells: decoding the meanings of brand names, logos, ads, and other marketing and advertising ploys. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield.:
*attach the ads along with the order.
*five-pages report, one page conclusion.
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