Advertising to children

The issue of doing marketing to children really does bring into focus the issue of obesity and the McDonalds handling of responsibility being one of the world’s largest fast food chains. Using McDonald’s new masot, Happy to marketing to children can be classified as being deceptive marketing as it does factor in the really issue that can arise from the foods that they sell. Due to this, McDonalds has been accused of deceptive marketing practices that use lure of toys to induce children to buy Happy meals (Schlosser, 2012). The ethical issues arise due to the fact that the McDonalds know the healthy alternatives that exist such as the apple slices in place of fries, and milk instead of soda but do not notify the children on this.
In my opinion it is not ethical to use Ronald or Happy in the McDonalds charitable efforts since this is based on the income that comes in from the proceedings of the junk food sales. Ronald and Happy advertise the foods and do promotions in order to use the funds in the charitable organization. The issues that concern me are that it is not right to help people by harming others especially children.
McDonalds and the other food sellers will need to stop advertising their menus if they still sell junk food that will harm the health of children and other people. If such foods are the main cause of problems like obesity then they need to be stopped from advertising since advertising them is like further spreading this bad effect (McDonald & McDonald, 2004).
The changes that should be made include the food sellers ensuring that the foods that they do advertise are healthy and satisfy the usage standards of people and mostly children. Food sellers like McDonalds have the obligation of selling healthy products and the government should pass rules that should regulate the advertising of foods that can harm people.
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