Advanced Topics In Project Management Please put a presentation together    Your presentations will include:  – project budget – project schedule – ris

Advanced Topics In Project Management Please put a presentation together   

Your presentations will include: 

– project budget

– project schedule

– risk management plan

– communication plan 

– stakeholder management plan (RACI matrix) 

– change management plan

– project close out plan Project Management

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Project background

Since the food and beverage business has evolved in the last decade, we are working on developing a meal ordering application.

We, as a company, are hoping to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Meal ordering is handled via the app, which includes features such as food selection, shopping selection, payment processing, live tracking, notification, and customer rating.

We’ve also seen a rapid increase in the application market, and we’re keeping an eye on our app to prevent being lost in the kind of app support staff that would strive to improve customer happiness.


Project scope

The app will be released in stages, with the mobile app being released first, followed by the online app.

Agile and sprint methodologies will be used to complete the project.

The first stage of mobile app development will be finished when the app is released on the app store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Androids.

Because our business has offices all over the world, the project’s target market will be everyone.

For the project to be completed successfully, the team must complete the above-mentioned job tasks within the specified period.

Project budget

The following factors will be used to determine the project budget:

Infrastructure prepared for the launch of an app

Different modules are linked together.

Allocation of resources

Use of social media

Marketing on the internet

Testing of quality parameters

Project risk and risk management plan

A live project at any stage may be affected by any kind of risk that can emerge at any time;

resource management is a major risk, and we must prepare ahead of time to meet such requirements during Covid-19.

We may prepare certain materials ahead of time to fill in the gaps as needed or when the success criterion must be fulfilled right away.

Performance risk is something we can’t ignore when it comes to resources (Casado-Aranda et al., 2018).

Cost risk if the project is not completed on schedule or fails to meet its goals.

At a later stage or after phase one development, a freelance digital marketing specialist is needed.

A specialized staff capable of rapidly resolving user problems.

Finally, at the app release event on several Appstores for iPhone and Google Play for Android.

Project communication plan

A sprint-based delivery strategy and an agile approach

Stand-up meetings and emails are used to keep the team in touch.

During the application release, one client member must be physically present to engage stakeholders through conferencing and emails.

Conferring calls or emails are used to communicate with the freelance team.

Emails and phone calls to the outside team


Casado-Aranda, L. A., Sánchez-Fernández, J., & Montoro-Ríos, F. J. (2018). How consumers process online privacy, financial, and performance risks: An fMRI Study. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 21(9), 556-562.

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