Adult Gerontology

| February 18, 2015
Begin searching for a peer-reviewed article that pertains to your practice area (Adult Gerontology) and is of particular interest to
you. Identify the database that you used to search for a peer-reviewed article in your area of practice and interest. Share your
experience with searching the database. Did you note any difficulties when searching for an article? What steps/strategies did you
find helpful for locating a peer-reviewed article? Would this database be useful to your colleagues? Would you recommend this
database? Once you have select your peer-reviewed article, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses in terms of scholarly writing, bias,
opinion, quality of evidence, and appropriateness to its target audience. write a brief summary of your peer-reviewed article, the
database you located your article in, your database searching experience, key words utilized in the search, and analysis of the
strengths and weaknesses of the article. Walden University. (2012b). Walden University: Academic integrity & Turnitin. Retrieved from Review the resources presented at this website, including the Walden Turnitin and Academic
Integrity Online Tutorial and the information provided in the “How to Read a Turnitin Originality Report” section of this website.
Walden University. (2012h). Walden University: Scholarly writing. Retrieved from

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