Addressing Poverty through a Global NGO

| March 21, 2015

Addressing Poverty through a Global NGO  

1, Only 1000 words are required.


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create a Marketing Plan for a health care provider of your choice (real or fictional).
a rural village health center decided to develop a website to facilitate professional networking, discuss clinical cases and participate in research and education programs. The website will be professional forum. Patient records will not be stored on the site and will not be accessible via the site.A pharmaceutical company has offered to sponsor the Web page but in return have requested access to de-identified data for their own research and development activities.The health professionals have asked you, the health informatics expert, for your input re the requirements for security, privacy and confidentiality of content on any internet forums, discussions or other activities they participate in. They have also asked for your views about the offer from the pharmaceutical company.As a first step, you have decided to prepare a discussion paper explaining the privacy framework within which they must operate

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