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For this paper you are to consider what is involved in adapting a work from one medium to another. Here is what you must do:
a. Begin with the medium of the written word. The work you are writing about is “The Most Dangerous Games” by Richard Connell. Justify your choice by indicating why the work might be an interesting one to adapt.b. Then select another medium (i.e., one different from the written word), one into which you would adapt your chosen literary work (e.g., a short story into a play, a play into a film, a poem into an art piece, an essay into a TV show, etc.). Justify your choice of this other medium by indicating how it might benefit our understanding of the written work.
c. Provide a brief summary of what would be involved in adapting the written work into that new medium.
d. Most importantly, analyse the changes that you would have to make to the written work in order to adapt it to a new medium. Consider the strengths and limitations of either media in presenting or expressing the work’s subject-matter.
e. Finally, identify what might be lost or gained in adapting the written work into another medium.
I am not sure but you probably have already written an essay with the same instruction for my friend last year so I would appreciate if you write a different essay this time because the professor is the same as last year.
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