| February 15, 2016

First, read “Strategies of Persuasion,” pages 30-40, posted under “Required Readings in Moodle.”

Next see “Logos, Ethos, and Pathos in Advertising PowerPoint” listed in “Important Resources” section in Moodle. Choose an ad that interests you

Finally, answer the following questions about the ad you chose. Do not answer this in essay format; simply number your answers from 1 to 5, and brainstorm your answers. Don’t worry about perfect grammar or punctuation; this is a warm-up exercise. Instead, aim for expressing as many ideas as you have, and communicating them to me clearly.


1. Who do you believe is the ad’s target audience?

2. How does the ad use logos to appeal to this target audience?

3. How does the ad use pathos to appeal to this target audience?

4. How does the ad use ethos to appeal to this target audience?

5. What fallacies does this ad contain (ie., false appeals to logos, ethos, or pathos). Explain why they are fallacies.

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