Achieving Global competitive advantage

| April 23, 2014

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1. Achieving global competitive advantage
Please select ONE company on the Fortune 100 list
You are asked to explore how your chosen organization manages to achieve global competitive advantage. In doing this, you are expected to (1) discuss the strategy of the company focusing on how it creates value for its customers; (2) discuss how the firm organizes its international business; (3) analyze the company’s market entry strategies; (4) discuss the long-term development of revenues, costs and profits with respect to foreign exchange risk. You can find additional information on the company in annual reports and other sources including academic publications. You may also support your arguments by analyzing company and market data. I expect that you use tables and figures to provide evidence for your argumentation.
Sources (available online):
Use the annual reports
Check for industry reports (UWE library online database; Marketline)
Related academic literature (see UWE library sources)
Each table, graph or diagram will count as 10 words.
Your case work should have page numbers, be in 12 point typeface with 1.5 line spacing and fully justified.
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