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| January 27, 2015

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The assignment requires you
to undertake research using the website of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) or the Australia Company that you have chosen(the Leighton holdings),
Part A1 (5 points)
Provide an executive summary of your company’s background relating to business structure,
operations, services and all other business activities that are conducted, etc.

Part A4 (10 points)
Review the statement of cash flows for the most recent year and indicate the
a) net cash inflow (outflow) from operating activities
b) net cash inflow (outflow) from financing activities
c) net cash inflow (outflow) from investing activities
d) net increase (decrease) in cash during the year
Analyse the Cash Flow Statements for the last 2 years and comment on the cash
position of the company.

Part A5 (10 points)
Review the stockholders’ equity section in your chosen company’s most recent year-end
balance sheet and compare that with the previous year-end balance sheet. Compare percentage
increase or decrease.
List the stockholders’ equity account balances and number of outstanding shares
from these two balance sheets and compute the increase or decrease for each
during this past year.
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Accounting theory and practice group research assignment
How SOX changed the accounting industry when it was implemented. The background data that lead to the SOX overhaul and has it accomplished what it was drafted to do?


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