| August 9, 2016

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Length: 2,000 – 2,200 words Weighting: 55%

Requirement Visit the website of the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office and download the most recent annual report (

Read through the report and provide responses to the following questions: (a) What is the role of the Victorian Auditor-General and what is nature of the relationship between the Auditor-General and the Victorian government? (b) In the case of for-profit private sector companies, an investor would typically calculate financial ratios relating to profitability, short-term liquidity, financial efficiency and leverage when analysing a company’s financial performance and financial position. To what extent could these ratios be calculated for the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office and how would they be useful to readers of the annual report? (c) How would you evaluate the performance of the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office? (d) What types of performance information does the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office provide on its own performance? (e) Are there any recommendations that you would make to the Auditor-General in respect to performance reporting for the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office? Format/expectations The assignment is to be completed in the form of a report. Assistance with formatting reports and referencing is available at the Learning and Teaching Unit website The report is to be no more than 2,200 words in length. The word limit excludes the executive summary, footnotes, references/bibliography and any appendices.

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