ACC 310 Week 2 Quiz

| February 6, 2015
 Regression analysis does not assume a

The Shapely Company uses the high-low method to determine its cost equation. The following information was gathered for 2008:

The MNK Company has gathered the following information for a unit of its most popular product:

Which of the following statements regarding special orders is (are) true?
(A) The primary decision for special orders is determining whether the differential revenue is greater than the differential costs associated with the order.
(B) The differential analysis approach to pricing for special orders could lead to underpricing in the long-run because fixed costs are not included in the analysis.

A company is considering the use of a single-stage cost allocation process. Under what conditions would this choice be justified?

The statistic used to determine if the total cost function is significantly different from the fixed cost function is the

The loan department of a financial corporation makes loans to businesses. The costs of processing these loans are often several thousand dollars. All loans are initially evaluated using the same financial analysis software, but some require outside services such as appraisals and legal services. Which is the most appropriate costing system for the loan department?

Mount Company incurred a total cost of $8,600 to produce 400 units of pulp. Each unit of pulp required five (5) direct labor hours to complete. What is the total fixed cost if the variable cost was $1.50 per direct labor hour?

In a labor intensive company in which more overhead is used by the more highly skilled and paid employees, which activity base would be most appropriate for applying overhead to production?

Which of the following statements about the theory of constraints is (are) true?
(A) The theory of constraints focuses on determining the optimal product mix when one or more resources restrict the attainment of a goal or objective.
(B) The theory of constraints focuses on maximizing the rate of throughput contribution while minimizing investment and other operating costs.

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