Academic Interests and Long Term Goals

| January 12, 2015

The topic is the following : 1.Tell us about your academic interests and what you plan to study at U of T. How does your plan fit in with your long term goals? (400 words maximum) I am a male, applying with a french baccalaureate to the trinity college of the university of Toronto in the arts and sciences department, in the life sciences program, major in biology. I have lots of interests in this field. I am willing to pursue my studies in the biological domain; more precisely I would like to study human biology. As intriguing as it is, i believe that the human body is ‘…the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe’. It fits in a way my long term goals because i am willing to become a doctor, in order to help people, cure diseases etc… Since my early age i wanted to follow my father’s steps

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Do we now have a valid Universal Definition and Test for 'Life'?
Topic: Brewing Beer and The Mind Body Connection

Category: Life Science

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