Academic Honesty and Dishonesty

| February 2, 2015

Your Thoughts about Academic Dishonesty: As with all of our forums, feel free to take this any direction you want. Just to get things started, here are some possible avenues of inquiry:

•Recognizing that most students are honest, why do some students cheat?

•On the continuum of right and wrong, where does academic dishonesty fall?

•Is cheating on the rise, and if so, why?

•If you’re an honest student, what are your feelings about others cheating?

•How tempted are you to commit academic dishonesty? Are certain situations or types of assignments more tempting than others?

•What should instructors do to prevent cheating? Do you favor instructors adopting an aggressive stance (numerous warnings, rigorous surveillance, all submissions through plagiarism detection software, etc.)?

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