Abnormal Chapter Seven ..Mood Disorders and Suicide

| April 22, 2014

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31. The longer the period of recovery from major depression, the lower the risk of relapse.
a. False bTrue
32. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder was introduced as a new diagnostic category in DSM-5.
a.False b. True
33. Electroconvulsive therapy is no longer used to treat depression.
a.True b. False
34. Like psychodynamic theorists, humanistic theorists focus on the loss of self-esteem as a component of depression.
a.False b.True
35. Seligman developed his learned helplessness model after observing the behavior of dogs.
a.False b.True
36. Which of the following is an automatic thought associated more with anxiety than with depression?
a. I’m worthless.
b. I’m losing my mind.
c. Nothing ever works out for me anymore
d. I’m worse off than they are.
37. An estimated___of mothers suffer from some form of postpartum depression.
a. 1 to 5%
b.10 to 15%
c.30 to 350/0
d. 20 to 25°
38. Dysthymic disorder occurring together with depressive episode is known as a double depression.
a. True b. False
39. Research has shown that some attributional styles can cause depression.
a.True b.False
40. SSRIsare toxic and have side effects than MAO inhibitors and tricyclics.
a. less, more
b. more, more
c. less, fewer
d. more, fewer
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