A two page write up (excecutive summary and persuasive recommandation) for a car company called.

| January 27, 2015

Case study and Instruction are attached. A two page write up (excecutive summary and persuasive recommandation) for a car company called “BYD”

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2. Discussion Questions for “BYD” Read the case through twice. Read once quickly to get the general idea. After a break, read the discussion questions and read the case again, critically, and with an eye to detail. EVERYBODY: Read the four questions below, and prepare to answer them orally in class on Monday, April 22. Why did Wang Chuanfu choose to enter a market (rechargeable batteries) that was already dominated by Japanese producers with strong brand names and highly reliable manufacturing processes? Evaluate this decision. How would you characterize BYD’s competitive strategy? What are the key success factors for execution of that strategy? Did BYD succeed in execution? The production process for BYD’s Japanese competitors relies on several robotic arms for each production line. Each arm costs RMB 800,000 (about US $100,000 in 2007). At BYD, the functions of the robotic arms were performed by workers. How many workers would a robotic arm need to replace for it to be worthwhile for BYD to purchase the arm? Given competition from other emerging Chinese battery producers, what should BYD do? Should it move ahead with the acquisition of Qinchuan Auto? If you are preparing to submit a written case response: Begin the Write-up (roughly 2-pages) with a one paragraph Executive Summary (4-5 sentences). In the Executive Summary you should clearly lay out your recommendations. Those recommendations should be actionable, and applicable to the situation BYD faced at the end of 2002. The Executive Summary will typically be the last thing you write, but it is placed at the beginning. Carefully consider three of the four discussion questions (All except No. 3) which are relevant to general business decisions. Use them to orient your two-page discussion. The way you approach those questions should inform your advice to Wang Chuanfu, and make it more persuasive. You do not have to “answer” the questions explicitly, but your thoughtful…

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