A Study Of The Relationship Between Dayton, Ohio?s Public Schools Educational Funding Sources And Academic Achievement.

| February 8, 2014

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This paper was worked on already by dissertation. I need edits as they are listed below. Please show all changes. I have uploaded chapter 4 ,SPSS data (provided by dissertation writer). Also attached is the schools dissertation guidelines in chapter 2 talks about charts. APA 6th is a must Please see instructions below. DrK. Feedback.
I can see that your Tables are not in APA format. Please review the APA Manual for formatting of the tables. Students seem to find the formatting guidelines easier to follow when they look at the paper version of the APA Manual versus online resources. Also, APA has a book devoted to presentation of data that some students find very helpful:
1. Show a table with the full participants demographic information (before presenting the analysis of each demographic component).
2. Use correct Apa format for tables (as Dr. G pointed out).
3. Use a graphical representation of your data only if it is absolutely necessary and it does not duplicate obvious data in your table(s) (gender, race, name of the county)
4. Check grammar, punctuation, paragraph/sentence structure and heading format. Avoid impersonal expressions and passive voice.
5. When quoting 40 or more words from any of the participants, use a block quotation format. See the correct format in the Apa manual.
6. To make your structural descriptions more accurate and avoid generalizations, I suggest you use pseudonyms for your participants in the summary of interview responses. For example: Participant 1. “John” pointed out……………
7. What themes emerged from the information obtained during the textural descriptions? Include a section where you identify and present recurring themes (Theme and Summary of Thematic Data).
8. Include a table (Summary of Themes by Participants) and possibly a graphic representation of the themes.
9. The study results and conclusions are presented in Chapter 5.
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