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| April 21, 2014

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Hello, I am Abdulla M. Al-Neyadi I am from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). I come from a family of 8 brothers & sisters. I am a senior in University of Maryland Baltimore County ( UMBC). My major is Bachelors of Art in Geography. I am very interested to do my Master’s in Geographic information systems.
You can talk more about the program from the school website http://advanced.jhu.edu/academics/graduate-degree-programs/geographic-information-systems/
That influences me to go to the United States and study Geographic information systems (G.I.S) abroad. There is a need of people expertise in Geographic information systems in U.A.E and John Hokpines offers a great program that will support me in achieving the goal to bring (G.I.S) to U.A.E. For this reason I want to focus on doing more (G.I.S) because the Geography degree is not related to Gis in a very direct way, it will be very helpful if could focus in (G.I.S) as much as possible. Also, I am interested in international relations & political science , aside of being international students I travelled to the following countries and experience the languages and diverse of the following countries : United Kingdom, France, Germany , Netherlands
I am also a bilingual and can communicate in both English and Arabic. Moreover, This school diverse in many ways and that was one of the reason I chose this school masters program. This experience will support me with my future goal in opting work internationally related to (G.I.S).
To obtain employment in the field of (G.is).
Bring Gis to Abu Dhabi and use it to make data and information available for public by building infrastructure using Gis technology.
Build a crime analyst database for reducing crime rate in Abu Dhabi.
( Exp Spring2014) Bachelors of Art in Geography, University of Maryland Baltimore County
English language center ,University of Maryland Baltimore County ( Academic English)
3.01 GPA By Fall 2009
GIScience Certificate, University of Maryland Baltimore County (Fall 2013)
Bachelor of Arts in Geography by Spring 2014
International mapping associates inc 2012 & 2013
Practised working projects using ArcMap, ArcGlobe, ArcSencse, ArcCatalog, Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Map publisher and Satellite imagery.
Social media marketing.
Developing Apps
You have the most information u need to make a very expert statement of purpose for Graduate school
go to the website I send and read more information about the degree
Make sure that I also have skills in coding like Jave script , html , css
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