A small motor manufacturer makes two types of motors

| May 27, 2015

A small motor manufacturer makes two types of motors, model A and B. The assembly process for each is similar in that both require a certain amount of wiring, drilling, and assembly. Each model A takes 3 hours of wiring, 2 hours of drilling, and 1.5 hours of assembly. Each model B must go through 2 hours of wiring, 1 hour of drilling, and 0.5 hours of assembly. During the next production period, 240 hours of wiring time, 210 hours of drilling, and 120 hours of assembly time is available. Each model A sold yeilds a profit of $22. Each model B can be sold for a $15 profit. Assuming that all motors that are assembled can be sold, find the best combination of motors to yield the highest profit.

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Category: Mathematics

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