A review of UK academic research undertaken in relation to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

| February 12, 2014

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Governments recognize the contribution Small and Medium Sized Enterprises make to their domestic economies both from the view of employment and that of wealth creation.
You are required to undertake a critical review into current academic research, identifying key concepts/ issues you think are important, and can be used by governments when developing policy in relation to small and medium sized enterprises.
1. Undertake a critical review into current academic research into small and medium sized enterprises, identifying key concepts/ issues you think are important.
2. Select a European country (i.e. a country which is a member of the European union) and evaluate the role SME’s play to that country’s economy.
3. Produce a report based on your analysis for consideration by the UK (or Welsh) government (2,500 words approx.), drawing appropriate conclusions and recommendations, (based on tasks 1 and 2).
4. You will need to include in the report a minimum of 20 academic references from current up to date journals e.g. International Small Business Journal, or The Journal of Entrepreneurship and textbooks. Internet sources will not be acceptable unless they are legitimate academic sources – as identified in tutorials).
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